Super Quick and Easy Dinner Pockets


Shrimp-1 pound
Turkey smoked sausage-1 link
Corn-3 ears
Red potatoes – 3/4 depending on size

Seasonings– cajun, salt, pepper, parsley, and garlic powder

I cubed the potatoes. Broke the corn into 3 pieces. Sliced the sausage. Peeled the shrimp, rinsed them, and dried on a paper towel. Divided these ingredients evenly into 5 foil pockets. For those concerned about using foil, use parchment paper. Sprinkled all seasonings except garlic over pockets and sealed. Placed on a cookie sheet and baked 400* for 28 mins. Opened pockets and brushed with melted butter more of the same seasonings plus garlic powder. Served immediately. Super yummy!!!!!

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